About DaSA-IT

From Direct Marketing through to Council systems, Letting Agents to Laboratories, Schools to Gyms we have a lot of experience in various fields. In our time we've also conducted process and data analysis work, indirectly, for some of the largest retailers in the UK.

Data Services

Is your data working for you?

We have a lot of experience of working with data, and over the many years we've probably encountered most of the common issues, and a number of unusual ones too! One of which is that a lot of companies simply don't actually do anything useful with the data they have.

Our data analysis service will help you find out what you have, and more importantly what kind of business information is held within. We may even be able to suggest different uses for it, depending upon what your business needs.

Data is the new oil is a quote that gets bandied around lately, usually by salesmen, but they're not wrong. Your data is valuable, or rather the information that can be gleaned from your data is what is valuable.

Depending on the quality and format of your data we may be able to help you tidy it up and turn it into something useful.

One of the most common issues we find with client address data for example, is that the address fields aren't stored in a uniform manner, which can make it very difficult to glean statistics and information about where your customers are.

For example, if you know that 90% of your customers are in the same area you could then create targeted offers, but this is only possible once your data is in a usable format.

Whilst our traditional focus is MS SQL server, we also have some experience with MySQL and over the years we have dealt with data in such formats as MS Access, text files, Excel files and all sorts of other formats (believe us, we've seen data held in MS Word and that really is not fun for anyone!)

We have worked with smaller databases of hundreds of records in a few tables, to databases with many millions of records in tens or hundreds of related tables. We're also pretty good at writing T-SQL (even if we do say ourselves!).

Systems and Processes

Are your systems and processes working?

DaSA-IT have experience in working in different businesses analysing systems and processes. We believe that these should be making people's lives easier, and often we find that the people using them aren't happy.

We have expoerience in creating IT systems from the ground up, taking on board what the overall business aim is and then incorporating what the people who have to use them need them to do as well.

A lot of companies have 'off the shelf' products to manage their processes, and whilst there are a lot of good products out there in our experience they rarely can be tailored to every companies needs, as they are trying to be all things to all companies.

We're not suggesting that you ditch your, often expensive, 'off the shelf' packages, but depending on what they are and whether you actually have control over the data in them (and a lot of companies don't!) we may be able to create a complimentary system that extends what you have and then gives you and your customers a lot more.

Or maybe you have older database applications running in things like MS Access? We can help you modernise them and breathe life back into flagging systems.

Another thing that we believe strongly about is that it's your staff that matter; are the actual processes that you have in place working for them? Could they be more efficient? DaSA-IT have experience in working through business processes and coming up with small changes that can make big differences.

IT Services

From web sites to IT support

DaSA-IT can help with your general day to day IT needs as well, be that helping you to build a web presence, improving your existing one or even building you some PCs!

In addition to all this, we have superb industry contacts that specialise in networking and infrastructure, and we often work in conjunction with them to achieve a project's overall gains.

Without a good IT backbone, you often find even the best systems and processes fall over. If your internal network or database is unable to cope with the demands of your growing business you'll find even the best systems are seizing up and that the people using them are complaining.

Whilst we'd love all of your business we are pragmatic, and we will tell you if specialist infrastructure / support is needed, however we can recommend some absolute stars in that field too!