Welcome to DaSA-IT

Here at DaSA-IT our 'straight to the point IT services' aim to help you get the best from your IT systems, data and processes.

By doing this we believe that you, your staff and most importantly, your customers will notice improved interactions and by turning your data into useful information everyone will know what is going on, and when!

Or you may not have systems and processes, or you have ones that aren't working that well for you, we can help you analyse what you have and help you build or decide upon ones that will work, and provide quality of life improvements for everyone involved in your business.

We have experience of building new computer systems based on a wide range of business processes in very different business areas. From Customer Management type systems all the way up to a Gym Work Out Tracker system, to a Safeguarding System used in several West Midlands Schools.

Mostly these days everyone wants Web systems, we can help, but if you need an internal system then we can help with that too.

We offer a minimum jargon service as we firmly believe that if your IT people can't explain things in as plain English as possible, then they probably don't understand it themselves.